People Who Live Near Lake Hubbard, Not Spending Free Time On Lake

Published 01/21 2014 06:31PM

Updated 01/21 2014 10:49PM

We've told you that the Hubbard Creek Reservoir in Stephens County has been hit especially hard by the drought.

Less water means fewer visitors to the area, such as fishermen and hunters. As the water level in the lake continues to go down, one Breckenridge businessman says the activities for people who live around the lake have changed. Consequently, his profits are drying up along with the lake.

Dell, owner of Dell's Marine, took us around the lake to see just how drastic the sights are. Boat docks are no where near the water and new pieces of land show up as the water level drops.

Dell says his family, like others who live around here, use to have full houses on the weekends, with friends and family coming into enjoy the water.

"You used to could come out here and enjoy yourself, family used to come down, other people wold camp here."

As they watch the water drop everyday, Dell is seeing his business' profits drop as well. He isn't sure if he'll make it past the drought, as those who live around the lake change the way they live.

"It's like a flower drying up, something beautiful drying up."

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