Perez Court-Martial Day 4: The Judgement And Sentencing

Published 10/18 2013 09:54PM

Updated 10/18 2013 10:30PM

Christopher Perez was lead away in shackles and chains by security forces at Dyess Air Force base today.The squadron he used to belong to before he was charged with, and found guilty of, adultery and three cases of child neglect. In closing arguments the prosecution told a military judge who heard the case, and also decided punishment, that it must have been haunting for Tiffany Klaphekes three girls to hear Perez living his life in their home, and walk passed the bedroom door they were locked behind. Watching, and hoping the door knob would turn. But it never did. Perez told the judge before he was sentenced that what happened to the Klapheke girls will haunt him for the rest of his life. His defense asked the judge for a lenient sentence saying Perez has been punishing himself in the 416 days since little Tamryn Klapheke was found dead by her mother. The prosecution reminded the judge that this week Tamryn would have been three years old.

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