PETA Wants Stamford Employee Out After Allegedly Killing Dog

Published 01/22 2013 10:20PM

Updated 01/22 2013 10:43PM

The usually quiet city of Stamford, Texas is getting some national attention.

On their website, PETA has posted an action alert asking visitors to contact Stamford officials to demand their animal control officer be reassigned.

PETA's senior cruelty case worker, Kristin Simon, says, "We're hoping that the public will be as concerned about this as we are and will put pressure on the city of Stamford to reassign Certa to duties to where he doesn't have to come in contact with animals."

The owner of a Yorkshire Terrier alleged that her then-boyfriend, Christopher Certa, "spanked" and "back-handed" the eight-pound dog.

In an email from PETA it states, in part, "the dog was found drooling, bleeding from the rectum, lethargic and disoriented" and rushed to an animal hospital where she died.

Despite these allegations, Certa's employer, Chief of Police Darwin Huston says he has no plan of firing his animal control officer.

Huston says, "He's worked here probably going on six years and we've never had a complaint on him on him mistreating animals. I mean he does a good job, since he's been here. I don't have any concerns about him."

Huston tells me the disagreement between the two stems from a domestic dispute, that was eventually settled.

"She apparently made a  phone call to him, the dog catcher, told him if he just paid her the vet bills, then she'd make everything go away. He paid her vet bills and everything went away. We hadn't heard anything more from her," Huston says.

But, PETA is stepping in saying this is far from over, and urging the city to act proactively.

"We're extremely concerned about the lack of action here, in the face of some pretty horrific allegations," says Simon.

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