Plumbers Swarmed With Calls to Fix Frozen Pipes

Published 12/09 2013 05:48PM

Updated 12/10 2013 09:14AM

Plumbing service companies received a high number of calls from people needing their water lines fixed over the weekend.

The icy conditions not only froze roadways, but pipes as well. It got so cold that pipes cracked, and blocked the source of water.

Homeowners such as Richard Bower had to borrow water from their neighbor and used wipes to clean their hands. Bower is also a landowner to four apartments and had to cut access to water after their main line froze and split open.

"We had to use water from our neighbors and use wipes to clean our hands," Bower recalls.

On Sunday, temperatures warmed up and thawed the pipes. As a result, there was leakage which prompted numerous calls to plumbing companies.

The number of calls in one day doubled compared to the previous freeze, according to Black Plumbing licensed plumber Cliff Oden.

Black Plumbing has five locations in the Big Country and serves to an average of 40 calls on a given day. The company reached that number before noon on Monday.

"By the end of the day, we'll probably experience a call load of 90 to 120 calls," president of  Black Plumbing Darrin Black said.

Black feels the situation will only get worse. Temperatures dropped on Monday meaning the pipes will freeze longer and thaw later.

"We have guys working around the clock to meet the needs," Black said. "We want our customers to know that there will be a delay because of the conditions."

Other companies such as Midway Plumbing say that some of their plumbers worked from morning till midnight over the weekend.

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