Potholes Open Up After Recent Rain and Snow

In a perfect world we would have perfect weather, and with perfect weather there would be perfect road conditions. However, this is Texas, and our weather is far from perfect. So naturally, potholes form on city streets.

"It is just a bother to have to deal with them. You wonder why they are not fixed. So you just have to avoid them," explains a local motorist.

According to Texas Department of Transportation officials, moisture from rain and snow, combined with freezing temperatures and drought, are the prime conditions for potholes to form.

"Your alignment is going to be affected mostly. We have seen them where they hit a good pothole, and we have to use a tow truck to get them out," says Cory Massey of Zooms Automotive.

This has many drivers worried about their safety, as well as for the money in their wallets. Realignment repairs can be costly.

"They will make your alignment all out of whack. That costs money, and could cause accidents," says a local motorist.

"You are roughly looking three hundred to four hundred dollars for repair costs," explains Massey.

Abilene city road improvement workers were out today filling potholes and keeping the streets safe, much to the delight of many drivers.

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