Praying For Loved Ones, While Encouraging Others to Help

Published 11/12 2013 10:23PM

Updated 11/12 2013 10:54PM

A group of women in Abilene have come together with the mission of helping the millions in the Philippines in need of emergency aid. The women are all from the Philippines and all have family members among the millions, some of which they've yet to hear from since Typhoon Haiyan hit. While praying for the safety of those family members and hoping for the best, the women will begin collecting donations, of all kinds, to be sent to organizations assisting in the Philippines.

Lydia Coleman owns 'Grandma's Junction' on North 10th and Pioneer in Abilene. The women will begin accepting donations there tomorrow. You can call 325-370-6723 for more information on the group's initiative. They're also encouraging folks in the Big Country to reach out to 'Global Samaritan Resources' to help in its efforts. In addition to that, the American Red Cross launched a campaign today to help Filipinos in America locate their missing family members in the Philippines. For more information, you can contact the Red Cross of Abilene at 325-677-2622 or visit their website at

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