Pregnancy Trends: Baby Season and C-Sections

Published 03/06 2013 05:09PM

Updated 03/06 2013 06:48PM

Just two days ago, Shannon and Chris Hemingway were going about their daily life when little Alexander decided he had had enough and was ready to join in on all the hustle and bustle.

"I got induced at five o'clock in the morning on March fourth, and had him at 12:05", says Shannon Hemingway, mom.

Baby Alexander represents over 50% of U.S. babies born vaginally, however, local OBGYN, Dr.Ogdee, says he's noticed a growing trend opting for cesarean sections.

"It used to be 15% to 20%, and now it's upwards of 25% to 30%, so that is rising. Mainly because people who have had a c-section are opting to have a repeat c-section", explains Dr. Ogdee, Abilene Regional Medical Center.

Having gone through the birthing process four times now, the Hemingway's say it was family history that shaped their decision to birth naturally.

"I don't like scars", says Shannon. "We've never had any complications or problems so we've never had to consider a c-section", adds Chris.

Another trend? Birthing seasons. Alexander breaks the mold on this one, because he was actually born during an "off month", which Dr. Ogdee says has more to do with the weather than anything else.

"It happens anytime there is a natural occurrence of weather when people are trapped inside. That's why in the winter time, people have intercourse and stay home, you can look at deliveries at the end of the year, like September, October, November, and there's always a big spike", Dr. Ogdee tells us.

No matter the inspiration for conception, doctors are pushing expectant parents to come up with a healthy birthing plan for baby to avoid complications and set the stage for a healthy life.

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