Psychotherapist testifies in Klapheke Trial

Published 02/11 2014 06:46PM

Updated 02/11 2014 06:58PM

Today, the defense rested, and the prosecution called four rebuttal witnesses to the stand. The first witness they called was psychotherapist, Marc Orner.

Dr. Orner explained that he agrees with Dr. Brinkman's assesment of Klapheke, however he believes that there are a few other personality disorders that Tiffany may have. He mentioned she may have antisocial, narcissistic, and inadequate personality disorders.

Next to take the stand was Dyess wife, Maria Ramos. Ramos' husband was Thomas's supervisor, and she testified that they befriended the Klaphekes and invited them over for dinner. Ramos also said she gave advice to Tiffany, and told her that she would babysit the children whenever Tiffany needed a break.

The third rebuttal witness was a Stripes employee named Sandra Sidel. Sidel testified that she saw Tiffany at Stripes the weekend before Tamryn was found dead. Sidel said that Tiffany seemed like herself and bought her normal items of Coke and cigarettes. The prosecution wanted to show that Tiffany was not in a trance like state the days surrounding her daughter's death like the defense has suggested.

The fourth and final rebuttal witness was Sandy Carlisle who was Tiffany's supervisor when she worked at Abilene Bowling Lanes. The defense has suggested that Tiffany does not function well in stressful situations, however, Carlisle testified that Tiffany called the police to the bowling lanes on three different occasions in the three months she worked there.

Tomorrow morning the jury will return at 9 a.m. and will be read the charges then they will hear closing arguments. After that, they will begin the deliberation process of the trial.

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