Ranger Woman Arrested for Robbery Strikes Again, Gets Help from Business Manager Instead

Published 03/24 2014 10:11PM

Updated 03/24 2014 10:56PM

A Ranger woman who was arrested in Clyde after she attempted to rob a convenience store strikes again less than 24 hours later.

Patricia Medina, 29, was taken to the Callahan County Jail Saturday morning after she entered Anita Food Mart claiming she had a gun and demanded money from the clerk. According to Clyde police, Medina wore pants that she used to cover her hands, suggesting she had a gun. The investigation states that she did not have a gun and was later released from jail on a $5,000 bond.

The following day, police say she entered AutoZone in Eastland, placed a bundle of clothes on the counter stating it was a gun. Store manager Brandon Byers knew it wasn't a gun and was confused by the situation.

"One of my employees thought she was joking," recalls Byers. "I knew something was wrong when I asked if she needed help and she looked straight at me."

Byers described her as calm, but unusual. What took him by surprise is when she suggested for them to call the police.

"I went over the register and realized she wasn't joking," says Byers. "She then broke down and said she needed help and actually asked us to call police."

During the ordeal, Byers said he still felt uneasy knowing that she may still have had gun while standing a couple of feet away. Nevertheless, he called 911 and assisted her.

"Obviously her being in jail the previous day didn't do anything to help," Byers said. "I sat her down and asked if she needed anything to drink."

It's AutoZone policy that all employees treat everyone like a customer, even if they're robbing the store.

"We treat everyone with respect, and clearly her going back to jail isn't the answer, I wanted her to get help and be safe instead," says Byers.

Minutes later, Eastland police took Medina to the hospital where she was checked for her mental state. According to the police chief, they have issued a warrant and will execute it only if medical evaluation shows that Medina was in the right frame of mind during the incident.

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