Rattlesnake Roundup Boosts Sweetwater Economy

It is all about the dollar bills this weekend, and in this economy, the city of Sweetwater has no complaints about the cash flowing in.

Executive Vice President of Sweetwater's Chamber of Commerce, Jacque McCoy, says, "Every business in town benefits. Hotels are full and that's an amazing thing for a town our size."

The 55th annual Rattlesnake Roundup brings people from all over the country and several businesses in Sweetwater depend on this weekend.

"When you're talking about 30,000 people, give or take, then you're talking about a lot of money," says McCoy.

"Sweetwater is not normally a tourist destination, so it brings a lot of people in here," Tanya Axtell adds.

So many people, that some hotels are having to turn visitors away. The Best Western Inn and Suites has been filled to capacity for a few weeks now.

"We started booking up way early," Axtell says.

While most businesses I spoke with won't give exact figures of how much money is made at rattlesnake roundup, they do say that business  usually doubles and sometimes triples during Rattlesnake Roundup.

"It gets crazy and it gets chaotic but I think everybody generally enjoys it," says Axtell.

It does not matter if you are a business owner or a visitor, everyone knows the Rattlesnake Roundup always makes for a good 'ol Texas time.

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