Recycling Turns Into Cash at the Mall of Abilene

Many of us have a few cell phones or iPods laying around the house that do not get much use anymore.

Tennie McCarty says, "I've got several phones."

Now  you can recycle them and make some cash for what you thought was just a useless mobile device.

The ecoATM was created in 2008 when the founder discovered only three-percent of people were recycling their cell phones.

"That's a lot of cell phones that aren't getting recycled. There's precious metals and toxic materials in there that are bad for the environment and so our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to have something to do with their old and unused devices," says Director of Marketing, Ryan Kuder.

The machine is attracting the attention of all ages.

Ten-year-old Amaya Bennett says, "If you have an old phone that doesn't really work, and you think it's like a cent, then you use it and if you really need money then you can probably do that for money."

According to Amaya' s thirteen-year-old sister, sometimes your allowance just doesn't cut it.

"I like to shop so I need money to shop. And it's not wasting your phone on anything so, yeah, I would do it," Aeriana Bennett explains.

It is as simple as scanning your license, inserting your electronic device, and waiting to see just how much cash the machine will offer you.

"It's kind of like playing the slot machine. Like going to Vegas," McCarty says.

Sometimes you walk away with a large sum of money and other times, like in my case, not so much.

Either way, you still walk out with more than what you walked in with.

McCarty adds, "I'm going to go get my iPhone and put it in there. I mean I really am the next time I come back."

EcoATM does work actively with local law enforcement to prevent any fraud or selling of stolen property.

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