Romanian Criminals Seen Panhandling at Eastland Walmart

EASTLAND, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - The Eastland Police Department is warning citizens about Romanian criminals seen panhandling at Walmart recently. 

Police say they have been spotted at the Walmart on Main Street asking for money. There are several different Romanians involved, and sometimes they have children with them. 

A Facebook post from Eastland PD claims, "there is a huge crime ring of Romanian nationals going to Walmarts all over the southern United States. They work for a Romanian Crime syndicate and come over the border asking for asylum. While they await their hearing, they are given ankle monitors and allowed to go wherever they want. Most of the time the children aren’t even theirs. The syndicate gives them children to take with them to help claim asylum easier and to help people feel sorry for them for money."

The Eastland Police Department and several other agencies across the Southern United States have filed criminal cases against the Romanians, and the group is being monitored and tracked.

Eastland Police have arrested several of these criminals during their investigation in town. "The ones we have worked cases on have been arrested," a Facebook posts states.

Eastland PD says the group has panhandlers and short change artists. The Department wants to emphasize that "they are scam artists", and citizens are urged to not give them anything. 


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