Senior Spotlight: Man Runs Appliance Store As Retired Hobby

    If you've lived in Abilene for the past few decades, you may have noticed an appliance repair shop on Butternut street. For the past 10 years the current owner has been staying busy repairing anything and everything as a hobby. Robert Lilly is simply having fun, repairing a variety of household items at his local Abilene business. Some would say he's the ultimate key city handy man.
    Lilly's passion started from childhood. He actually holds a degree in chemistry and is retired through the Army Reserve program. Shortly after moving to Abilene to help his mother, he found himself a new business owner. Lilly doesn't plan on holding on to the business forever. He still manages to keep himself busy doing what he thoroughly enjoys each and everyday. He is rarely alone as his younger brother and friends usually stop by and spend time with him, chatting while he works.He plans to retired when he turns 80 and to move to Florida to reside with his daughter.

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