Several Cases Are Dropped in Reality Invasion Boot Camp Investigation

In January of 2013 detectives in the Abilene Police Department became aware of  assault accusations from students enrolled in a local boot camp for troubled teens.

"The child became upset, in which the suspects asked the mother for permission to shock the child. Permission was granted," says Police Chief Stan Standridge in a press conference.

Following this press conference, one of the instructors at Reality Invasion Boot Camp did admit to using a stun gun on a teenaged girl after reportedly being given written permission from the teenager's mother.

He says, "The only reason why I had to tase her was because she physically came at me. We don't use the taser for discipline. It's for safety reasons. If we're in fear of something happening to us or other kids around."

The military style training was used to teach discipline; something that several parents of children enrolled in the boot camp say was an effective tactic.

One parent says, "They're just trying to help us. They're trying to help for a better community. That's all they're doing."

There were also other allegations that instructors wrongly used stun devices on other kids.

The mother of one of  the victims in question spoke to KRBC about the concern she had about the alleged allegations. She says her four-year-old son was questioned for over two hours, making it hard for her to believe that anything he told investigators was consistent.

She explains, "It was never used on him, it was used as a scare tactic for him, to get his attention because everything they had tried, it wasn't sinking in."

Throughout the entire investigation, the founder of Reality Invasion stood by his instructors and students, saying he helps because he cares.

Paul Huntington says, "Why would I do that? I don't have to be here, I don't. But God has called me here to help the youth."

Help them, gain the motivation and self-discipline they will need to live a meaningful and successful life.

The boot camp was on hold during the investigation. We are told that Reality Invasion does plan to start the program again soon.

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