Sheriff Ricky Bishop Speaks About Loss of Officer in Deadly Wreck

Tuesday's deadly wreck on Highway 83,  took the life of Taylor County Sheriff's Deputy William Woodruff. A man many enjoyed being around.

"He was always glad to be at work. He enjoyed coming to work; was always in a really good mood," says Taylor County Sheriff Ricky Bishop.

Bishop says the department is still in shock. Woodruff's co-workers saw him Tuesday afternoon when he left work, so not seeing him the next day, has been hard to cope with.

Bishop continues, "The shock has hit some and some it hasn't gotten to yet.But we're trying to reassure them that we are there for them as well as for the family and try to help them cope with the loss."

Since taking the office of Taylor County Sheriff this is the first time Bishop has had to deal with something of this magnitude, but he says he is making an effort to make sure he is there for any and everyone who needs his support.

He says, "It's a toll. It's a shock and I'm trying to take care of everyone else in the department to make sure they have the things they need and also the needs of the family to make sure we are doing everything we can do for them as well."

The department has started a collection to help the family with medical expenses of Woodruff's granddaughter who sustained injuries in the wreck.

"To send the family some money because they are in fort worth right now at cooks children's hospital," Bishop adds.

A gesture that will go a long way, to show no matter what happens in life these officers will always be there for one another.

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