Small Businesses Partner With Dyess

Published 08/20 2014 06:13PM

Updated 08/20 2014 06:35PM

Bob Kirby is a local business owner who has been in Abilene for many years.

"Our main function is building and installing windows," said Kirby. "Airtite windowns has been building and installing windows in Abilene since 1975."

Today, Bob and about 40 other local business owners were at Dyess AFB base for the Second Annual Small Business Outreach Program.

"Overall, the intent of this is to push some of the business to small business rather than the larger corporations," said Col. Brian Yates.

The event was held reach out and encourage business owners to contract their services to the base, all the while sustaining the local economy.

"We'd really like to see more money from Dyess go into the local community local businesses to help grow Abilene," said Ronald Miller.

Miller is the Program Director of Operations for Dyess.

The decision to contract out some of his work to Dyess, was a move Bob Kirby made. He said it's helped his business tremendously.

"The Airforce is a big big difference around the Abilene area so yes I would say it made a big big difference."

He recommends other local business owners to get on board.

"The Airforce has seen who we are and what we do and their personnel have been more than willing to purchase our products and have been very happy with them."

Base personnel tell us they are looking at all local businesses opportunities.

"There's an amazing variety of contracts that go out there, everything from food service in our dining facility to putting up a tower so that we've got radio coverage on the flightline," said Col. Yates.

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