Smart Woman: Diet Soda and Weight Loss

Published 05/27 2014 05:58PM

Updated 05/27 2014 06:07PM

It's a question many dieters ask, can drinking diet soda help you lose weight?

In the past there have been studies that show drinking diet soda actually makes you crave sugar more. Some researchers decided to put that to the test by taking 300 diet soda drinkers who weighed around 205 pounds who needed to lose weight and split them in half.

Half of them were told to keep drinking diet soda, half of them were not allowed to drink diet soda.

This is the results 3 months later. Those who were allowed to keep drinking their diet soda, lost 13 pounds in three months. Those who were told no diet soda, lost nine pounds. It's not a huge difference, but a significant difference.

Researchers believe the people who were told to stop drinking diet soda, felt a little deprived and made up for it by eating or drinking other things, such as juice or chocolate.

The bottom line is if you're a diet soda drinking, and you're trying to lose weight you can keep drinking that diet soda and see how it goes. If it doesn't work, then stop drinking it.

Remember these three basic key things about losing weight. One, keep your little indulgence. IF you give up everything you love, you'll probably end up compensating.

Two, get support. You'll notice that both of these groups actually lost quite a bit of weight because they had guidance and support from professionals. If you can't go that route, you can get guidance and support online from your peers.

Third, write down what you eat. Research has found if you keep track of what you eat you can maybe see where you're messing up a healthy diet.

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