Smart Woman: FDA Approves Botox

Published 11/15 2013 06:43PM

Updated 11/15 2013 08:08PM

The FDA only recently approved the use of Botox for crow's feet, but doctors are already very familiar with the procedure. Botox is made from botulinum toxin. When it is injected in tiny targeted doses, it stops muscles from contracting.

Botox has been used for decades for a variety of cosmetic and medical procedures. It's FDA approved for the treatment of everything from excessive sweating to migraines. Botox for crow's feet costs between $200 to $600 dollars. It is not covered by insurance. Doctors says it takes about a week to see noticible results which typically last for up to six months.

The most common adverse reaction associated with treating crows feet with botox is drooping eye lids. That could happen if the botox spreads to other muscles around the eye. That's why doctors say its important to go to a licensed professional for botox injections

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