Smart Woman: How Love Can Strengthen Your Immune System

It's Valentine's Day, a time for amour. To quote an Andrew Lloyd Webber play, "Love changes everything," especially when it comes to your health, both physically and mentally.

If you are planning a night of romance for your sweetheart it may turn into something more intimate. Doctors say that's a good thing because sex can do wonders for your heart. The more frequently you have sexual activity, the healthier your immune system is, which will put you at lower risk for infection and inflammation. Both of those have been tied to the development of vascular disease. That's because sexual activity opens up the blood vessels.

Being in a good relationship can make it even better. A comprehensive review of divorce statistics by the University of Arizona showed that divorced people are at 23% greater risk of early death than married people. So, it's important to work on bonding. It can provide a release of emotions, whether it's a sexual activity or a shared activity. It helps cut down on stress and decrease feelings of loneliness, and loneliness can lead to depression and anxiety.

Doctors recommend the following tips for keeping the romance alive:
- Be an active listener
- Focus on the positives in your relationship
- Stop nagging
- Make time for your partner and touch more often

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