Smart Woman: Kids and Television

Published 02/19 2013 08:09PM

Updated 02/19 2013 08:17PM

Two new studies suggest  what your kids watch on television could affect their behavior. It's not just what they're watching, it's how long they spend in front of the t.v.

Television is a regular part of most people's lives. One couple says they have rules in place for watching t.v., but with six children it isn't easy keeping them entertained. "We have t.v.'s in every room in the house. Basically every room and in the cars." the couple says. But two new studies in the journal Pediatrics says that television could affect a child's behavior.

New Zealand researchers looked at about 1,000 children and found the more t.v. children watch, the more anti-social and aggressive they can become. Dr. Suzanne Kaseta of Washingtonville Pediatrics tells us that a lot of children's programming, even though it's children's programming, still shows a lot of violence. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests children older than two years old should watch less than 2 hours of television a day, and that kids younger than 2 shouldn't watch any t.v. at all.

It's okay to set guidelines to what your children can and can not watch, limiting the time they can watch t.v. during the week. Children should also spend some more time outside staying active.

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