Smart Woman: Measles on the Rise

Published 05/29 2014 10:30PM

Updated 05/29 2014 10:34PM

A large outbreak in Ohio is driving the number of measles cases to a twenty year high. In the first five months of this year - the CDC reports a total of 307 cases . The previous high was 220 cases -- for *all* of 2011.

Dr. Anne Schuchat of the centers for disease control and prevention says It's hard to stop an outbreak once it's this big The Ohio outbreak - which started about a month ago -- is the biggest - 138 cases, mostly among the Amish population. (Graphic) California has reported 60 cases so far and new york city has seen 26 cases. Most of the cases nationwide are linked to Americans who brought the illness back from other countries.

If you've been traveling around the world and you haven't been vaccinated, chances are you going to get it and bring it back home. The CDC says the three biggest outbreaks occurred in communities do not give vaccinations because of religious or philosophical reasons. Measles was considered eliminated in the u.S. In 2000 - meaning there were no cases for an entire year. But an estimated 120-thousand people worldwide still die from the disease each year.

There have been no fatalities from the measles in the united states so far this year.. but 15 percent of patients had to be hospitalized...

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