Smart Woman: Medication Take Back

How much clutter is in your medicine cabinet? You've likely got expired medications, and prescriptions you don't need or want anymore. Tomorrow you can safely dispose of those drugs at a location near you.

Old prescriptions often wind up in the medicine cabinet, where they can get into the hands of people they were not intended for, including kids and teens. So the DEA is offering a safe way for the public to dispose of them.

"Take-back day is important because it gives us an opportunity to do a public service by collecting unused, unwanted, expired drugs that are sitting in people's houses, in their medicine cabinets, and they really don't know what to do with them, and they just continue to collect them and they pile up," said Harry Sommers of the DEA.

Getting them out of the home can help prevent alarmingly high rates of abuse.

Sommers said, "Prescription drugs, most studies show now, are the most abused drug this side of marijuana in America today."

The DEA is hosting its fourth take-back event tomorrow for people all across the country.

"We'll be taking back any prescription drug or even an over-the-counter drug if they want to get rid of it that's not in liquid form," said

There are a few places in the big country you can drop off your drugs tomorrow.

In Colorado City at the Mitchel County Hospital in the parking lot. There are two locations in Brownwood, the parking lot of Wal-mart and Brookshires.

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