Smart Woman: New Facial Cosmetic Procedure

11 microscopic needles are at the heart of a new procedure called Dermapen. It has been in use for the last couple of months at Contourlase Body Institute in San Antonio.

Dermapen patient Melinda Rosenthal, said, "I'm not very old. I'm 35. I can see the difference and the changes in my face."

Rosenthal's treatment starts with the application of platelet rich plasma, a concentrated concoction spun down from her own blood. The Dermapen uses fine needles on a piston that's connected to a driver that varies the speed and depth. It pushes the platelet rich plasma into the dermis, jump starting a healing process and harnessing the body's own power to rejuvenate.

Vascular surgeon Dr. David Mozerksy said, "These needles are going back and forth, in a minute maybe 150 times. And then they make microscopic little holes in the skin."

Some patients say it feels like a scratchy cat's tongue on their skin. Melinda says the pain is minimal.

"In some spots when you don't have too much muscle in that area you can feel it a little more. But it just feels like small little needles going across the skin. Not painful," said Rosenthal.

In just a few weeks, patients end up with a more youthful, rejuvenated complexion.

"There's no clinical downtime and the results have been amazing," said Mozersky.

He said, "It's a maintenance thing. So if you want to have nice skin, maybe a treatment like this every year or so would be in order."

Dr. Mozersky usually recommends two to three treatments. They cost 600 dollars. Results may last at least a year.

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