Smart Woman: New High-Tech Inhaler Pinpoints Triggers

    Asthma is a chronic disease that affects 25 million adults and 8 million children in the United States. Now a cutting-edge asthma inhaler is helping doctors create a more accurate treatment plan pinning down a patient's location and possible triggers around them.

    There's been a recent clinical trial that tests a new high-tech inhaler that can help many asthma sufferers figure out what is triggering their attacks. The new inhaler has a wireless sensor that sits on top of the regular inhaler. Anytime a patient takes a puff maps will show when and where the inhaler was used and it records how much medication was used. The information is then sent to the doctor.

    Researchers are hoping this high-tech inhaler will help them determine which areas are hot spots. "It helps us isolate where they may be having problems," says Dr. Rajan Merchant with Woodland Healthcare. Dr. Merchant is testing the device for Asthmapolis which received FDA clearance last year.

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