Smart Woman: Try Losing Weight With Strength Training

Tanee Janusz  weighed 360 pounds, lost 200 pounds then become manager of a new workout studio, a certified personal trainer, and fitness class instructor, teaching at times 5 classes a day.

 She remembers high school when her weight first climbed to 200.

"My mom put me on everything I remember the Mayo Clinic I remember the grapefruit diet," said Janusz.

She was too embarrassed to be seen in public so she joined Weight Watchers online for calorie cutting meal plans.

When 80 pounds came off she got the confidence to go to their Weight Watcher meetings and exercise.

"If you can motivate mothers to change their behavior for their children it probably has more impact initially and probably has a more sustainable effect," said exercise researcher Dr. Melinda Sothern.

Weight Watchers is proven to work because it is very structured with peer support and meal plans.

Tanee also studied every book and plan and found strength from women worldwide on 3fatchicks.Com.

Instead of a diet she changed her entire approach to life.

"She's going to have an intervention for life. Exercise even if it's moderate especially if they're completely sedentary has tremendous impacts on their ability to burn fat and lose fat," said Dr. Sothern.
But over the last 3 months Tanee gained 15 pounds.

Janusz said, "It's very complicated because there's so many genes associated with obesity some specific to exercise and some specific to diet. I wouldn't say everyone who was her size who now has lost 200 pounds is at risk for regaining but the science says that people who do go on these types of plans and do lose extreme amounts of weights most of them do gain it back unless they adapt a regular exercise program."
Dr. Sothern says Tanee won't reach her full genetic potential because many women don't understand that along with aerobic conditioning something else is crucial.

"Strength training is essential it's an essential part of any exercise program. She's not going to every reach her genetic potential unless she adds strength training to her routine and there are other tremendous benefits to strength training it prevents osteoporosis it improves insulin sensitivity and thus helps to prevent or delay type 2 diabetes," said Dr. Sothern.

Tanee will still have to manage her weight for life, obesity is a chronic disease through genetics, physiology and even childhood lifestyles that influenced metabolism for life.

"It's not really a diet you're changing. I changed everything my entire lifestyle," said Janusz.

Dr. Sothern recommends you get professional advice from a registered dietitian and exercise trainer before you start so you can get the maximum benefit.

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