Smart Woman: Whiten Your Teeth by Changing What You Consume

20 year old Keila Crounse knows exactly why her smile is a little yellow.

"I drink a lot of coffee," said Crounse.
So for the first time, she's getting a teeth whitening treatment at her dentist's office. These treatments are very effective, but Dr. Michael Kosdon says there are other also ways to get a white, bright smile without chemicals. Certain foods can act like nature's toothbrush.

"Strawberries have acids in there that actually naturally whiten your teeth and foods like cauliflower also use almost sort of a scrubbing action on your enamel and help remove the plaque on your teeth," said cosmetic dentist Dr. Michael Kosdon.
Dr. Kosdon also suggests stocking up on oranges and pineapples because they have the same acids. They also help stimulate saliva, which washes stains right off teeth.

Yogurt and cheeses contain proteins that help prevent harmful acids from binding to teeth. Plus, they're packed with vitamins and minerals that keep teeth strong.

But there are foods and drinks you may want to avoid to keep your teeth from turning yellow.

Dr. Kosdon said, "Tea is probably the worst thing people can drink to stain their teeth. A lot of people think coffee is, but tea really just soaks up into the enamel and stains really bad.
Also on that list, anything red like red wine, cranberries, even marinara and hot sauces.

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