Snakes in a Van? Chase Leads to Bizarre Discovery

Sure, snakes can hitch a ride on a plane in movies...but how about snakes in a van?

That's definitely not what an Abilene City Marshal was expecting when he pulled over a man Tuesday morning.

It all started when the driver, after handing over his license, took off -- bumping into the marshal with his van in the process and turning the simple traffic stop into evading arrest and aggravated assault.

After catching up with him a few blocks away over on State St. and Pine St., officers took 54-year-old Steven Walter Davis into custody -- and during that process, he told them he had a 3-foot Rock python in his van.

So out came APD, Animal Control and a towing company, all sifting through the junk to find the slithery creature.

Using sticks and gloves and a lot of caution, officers searched every nook and cranny of the van, pulling out boxes, furniture, a gun -- even a bag of medications.

And still...No snake.

What they did find, though, was shedded snake skin and an aquarium the man said he kept mice in to feed his scaly pet.

So while they were able to catch the driver -- his sneaky, slithery companion is still on the loose.  

The van was taken to an Abilene tow yard.

The city marshal who was bumped by the car was not injured.

Davis is charged with aggravated assault against a public servant, and evading arrest with a vehicle.

He is being held on a $135,000 bond at the Taylor County Jail.

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