Snyder Cop Shot in Head Nearly Two Years Ago Back at Work

"I'm doing all the things the doctors said I wouldn't ever do."

Cpl. Darrell Campbell is fighter.

"I took a gunshot to the forehead, affected the left side of my body really bad," he said.

He's also back in uniform, and after nearly two years, he's back at work.

Before, he would've been out on the streets.

Now, he's behind a desk, working six-hour shifts doing clerical work -- and even that is a miracle.

"Everybody is excited to see him back," said Chief Terry Luecke. "You know, we weren't sure he'd be able to come back, but to see his progress...we're just so pleased."

But it's been a long, painful road to get to this point -- one that started July 12th, 2011.

That's the day that changed Campbell's life, and the lives of countless people in this tight-knit community.

"It was pretty devastating," Luecke said.

Campbell and his partner were responding to a routine shots fired call, when, suddenly, a bullet hit him in the forehead.

"I just remember going there, talking to the guy, don't remember much after that. I don't remember getting shot," he said.

The suspect was shot and killed by Campbell's partner, but the story was far from over.

In fact, Campbell's tale of survival was just beginning.

"I was in a coma for about a month. I woke up, ready to go back to work, didn't realize I had been asleep for a month," he explained.

After that, Campbell was moved from hospital to hospital and finally, to Lubbock, where he's been undergoing rigorous physical therapy...

"Eight hours a day."

To get back to where he once was.

"Two years ago, I couldn't walk, couldn't sit up. Now, I'm walking all over."

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