Snyder Prepares for the Boom

Published 03/23 2013 09:16PM

Updated 03/23 2013 09:19PM

It all began with a cup of Joe.

"We kinda fell into this piece of property," explains Bill Robertson.

Bill along with his wife own Manhattan Coffee House and the big apple deli next door. Both names may be New York-themed but the history is all Texas.

"It has a huge history to it. But it had kind of fallen from grace because it was oil boom, oil bust, oil boom, oil bust," says Robertson.

The building was once The Manhattan Hotel and during the oil boom of the fifties, it housed hundreds of people.

Bill hopes his business sees the same traffic.

"There's not a small business person in the world that can't tell you what their front door sounds like when it opens. You know. It sounds like money," explains Robertson.

His door has already begun to open a little more frequently, a welcomed affect of the Cline Shale.

"There's new developments going on. We're seeing all kinds of new faces. All kinds of unusual area codes are calling in for to-go orders," says Robertson.

But to him, it's not all about money, it's about creating a better place to live for the future.

"Nobody's trying to be greedy. We're trying to make a living. And we need these people to come to our community. And when they come to our community they need to say, 'wow, Snyder, America is a pretty cool place. I might want to stay after the boom," says Robertson.

He also remembers the past and hopes history doesn't exactly repeat itself.

"There's an up side and a down side, the trick is preparing for when it's gone," says Robertson.

It's also about nurturing what is already there.

"You gotta have a square. You've got have small businesses, you have to have people that care about the community. And Snyder is full of caring people," says Robertson.

With more oil come more money but hopefully more money doesn't mean more problems.

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