Some Abilene Drivers Asking for Changes at Intersection, After Several Accidents

Speed is often disregarded by many drivers traveling on Maple Street, or so it seems, especially for drivers who exit Loop 322, waiting to turn onto Maple Street. 

One driver tells me, "There's got to be a light or something. My husband and I were just talking about that they have to do something right here."

This driver says she takes the Maple Street exit every day and has recently seen several accidents occur.

"In the past probably 30 days, at least four wrecks, and they've been real bad wrecks," she continues.

So why is that? Nearby resident, LaResa Woods thinks it is partially due to poor visibility.

Woods explains, "If you stop where you're supposed to stop there is no visibility for Maple Street, which is in front of you. It makes it very dangerous. You don't know when to pull out, turn, or go straight."

Which is why she wants to help find a solution, to what many consider a problem.

In an effort to do so, Woods is reaching out to people who live in her neighborhood and nearby communities via Facebook. 

She's asking those who live near the intersection to write to TxDot and the city of Abilene asking for something to be done.

"I've sent one already. I plan to send another next week, and hopefully, at some point, they do something," Woods says.

She admits, she does not know exactly what needs to be done, but she knows something has to change, before another person is injured.

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