Special Needs Students Dance the Day Away at Special Prom

Spraying...braiding...curling... painting and powdering -- The girls in this room might have special needs, but for their special prom?

They're getting ready the same way as everyone else, just with a little help.

"It's really fun because you get to make them feel so pretty," said Chelsea Rodriguez, a senior taking cosmetology classes at Abilene High School.

She's just one of many students helping out with the special prom for special needs students, hosted by Abilene High School on Friday afternoon.

"This is a big day, as you can tell, she gets really emotional," said Yolanda Lopez.

It's a moment Lopez never thought she would see for her daughter Amanda.

"Because you know, they always tend to leave special needs kids out."

But not this time around...

"We're gonna get her hair done, makeup, we went and got jewelry, dress, everything," Lopez said. "She wanted everything, just like a normal kid."

For the boys -- well, the boutonnieres and tuxes are here, but the pre-prom primping process is a little different...

Mostly, it includes them dancing to Gangnam Style.

And all of it, months of preparation and practice proms once a month, lead up to this very special day -- prom.

The food was prepared by the culinary students, the music DJed by the technology kids, and the hair, makeup and nails courtesy of the cosmetology gurus at Abilene High.

"It's a very special day for them. They may be special, but we have to treat them just like every other kid," said Wilson Medina, the father of two special needs daughters who he says have been looking forward to prom day for months.

"They've been talking about this nonstop for a long time now."

"We tried to make sure they had every experience that every other teenager has on prom day -- they had the dresses, the nails, the hair, people doting over them," said Jill McClellan, the brains behind the event.

And it's easy to see exactly what everyone's favorite part is -- dancing.

Because when the music gets going, these kids aren't waiting a second to dance away their big day..

Organizers say the special needs students are welcome to the regular prom, but many don't go for fear of feeling out of place.

Students from Albany, Clyde, Wylie and Cooper also attended.

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