Going Green: Local University Participates in Recyclemania

Over the years recycling has become more and more popular with college students.  Recyclemania, a nationwide competition, might have something to do with it.  With a year under their belt, ACU is no longer green when it comes to the challenge.

"It's really not about the numbers, but that's how we keep score," said Mary Caton of Abilene Christian.

Ms. Caton works for ACU and is very excited about their entry in Recylemania.  It's an eight-week long process getting students to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  Rebecca Dial is student body president.

"Recyclemania to me is about a way to get students to think it's not hard to recycle.  If you can just take it with you on your way to school, home, wherever, it's easy," said Ms. Dial.

Even though ACU chose not to be ranked, you can still track their progress online and compare them to other schools around the country.  ACU's Corey Ruff, plays a huge role in the event process.

"Last year with Recylemania we recycled a little over 11,000 pounds of cardboard, plastic, and paper.  And so we're hoping to surpass that number this year," said Ruff.

And according to Ms. Caton, we're headed in the right direction.

"I've seen it grow from almost no awareness to a good awareness of what we're doing and participation as well," added Ms. Caton.

From fundraisers to just talking about it, ACU is hoping for a change of mind when it comes to recycling.

"But ultimately, it's about the environment, protecting our environment, for people in the future," said Caton.

The true purpose of Recylemania.

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