Stamford Residents Disagree with Chief of Police, Saying they Want Dog Catcher Gone

When PETA posted an action alert on their website asking visitors to demand the city's animal operator, Christopher Certa, be reassigned to non-animal duties, I sat down the the chief of police to ask him about the demands.

"He's worked here going on six years and we've never had a complaint of him mistreating animals," Chief Darwin Huston told me.

However, some Stamford residents are saying this is untrue.

Dora Boaz says, "He will not file charges against Chris Certa, point blank, that is exactly what he says."

Boaz says she has gone to the chief of police with complaints about Certa abusing her animals. 

She shows me, "Back here on the back part is where he hooked him in, up here. And the back part of his hooves on both hooves was damaged."

Boaz is in the process of getting Stamford residents together to voice their concerns.

"I want to see Chris Certa pay for what he's done to animals," says Boaz.

Boaz says several people want something done about Certa, but only two were willing to speak out on camera, because the others  are afraid of retaliation.

"I mean even the FBI, the Texas Rangers, everybody knows what's going on in this town. But nobody does nothing," she continues.

Fellow Stamford resident, Jack Smith says he has dealt with animal control officer, Christopher Certa, on several occasions. He claims Certa killed his dog and agrees with Boaz, saying people are afraid to say anything out of fear of what authorities will do to them.

"They know that if you do, they're going to get you one way or the other. They're going to find something to pick at you," says Smith.

Despite not knowing what the future may hold, Boaz will continue to fight until a change occurs.

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