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2 drivers arrested and charged with animal cruelty in West Texas

FARWELL, Texas (NEWS RELEASE) - The drivers of two U-Hauls full of overheated animals were arrested on animal cruelty charges in Parmer County. 

The Parmer County Sheriff said, if they hadn't stopped the trip and intervened, he believes the animals would have died. 

"They were panting...  the coats on these animals were just damp. They were in distress," Sheriff Randy Geries said. "Having them in these basically aluminum heat boxes."  

He added, "There were small goats inside here, and they wouldn't have lasted long. We need to take care of our animals. We take it really seriously." 

The following is a news release from the Parmer County Sheriff's Office:

On May 14, 2018 at approximately 12:00 noon a call was received at the Sheriff's Office in reference to an animal welfare concern. The caller reported animals being transported in U-Haul trucks traveling into Texas from New Mexico. Two trucks were located and stopped by the Farwell Police Dept. and the Parmer County Sheriff's Office.  

Inside one truck were 38 dairy goats. The other truck had 7 goats, 58 chickens, 5 turkeys, 3 Guineas, 2 Chinchillas and 4 dogs. The drivers advised they were traveling from Colorado to Florida with the animals. 

The animals were found to be overheated and in distress, with no water, and with the outside temperature at 86 degrees and an interior

temperature of well above 95 degrees. The animals were seized and a veterinarian was contacted for their care.  

The 2 drivers were arrested and charged with animal cruelty. They are both still in custody at the Parmer County Jail.


Article is news release from the Parmer County Sheriff's Office



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