Students Show Love and Support for Inspirational Coach in Unique Way

One by one, from kindergarten through 12th grade, they lined up on the football field.

"We're little community, big hearts."

Every student in the Baird School District, showing their support for the man they describe like this:

"You just want to be like Coach Conley, he's such a great guy," said sophomore Garrett Eel.

"We all appreciate what he does, he's like a father to so many of us," said Jake Green.

In January, Coach Quinn Conley's wife of forty years, Brenda, suffered a brain aneurysm, putting her in the hospital and taking him out of school to take care of her.

"You can tell when you're walking down the halls when Coach Conley is not here," said senior Brenna Coffman.

"Something this tragic happen to someone like him and his family that is so good, it's been tough to watch," added sophomore Chandler McCombs.

When asked how is wife is doing, Conley said she is getting better all the time.

"It's truly a miracle," he said.

This is a man who has changed countless lives during his two decades at the district -- head football coach, athletics director, anatomy teacher...and then some.

"He's the type of man any girl would want to have in their life, that type of father figure," said senior Cheyenna Grissom. "He always knows the right things to say."

"Coach Conley is one of those guys that just gives and gives and gives," Green said.

So now, they say it's their turn to give back.

The idea to help with the Conley's mounting medical bills sprouted with a small group of senior girls and quickly blossomed into a community-wide effor.

For Coach Conley, words can't describe how much it all means.

"Our society these days is all about 'me,' usually, and it just does my heart good to see kids want to help," he said.

And for these students, words aren't enough to thank him for all he's done.

"I'll remember what he's taught me for the rest of my life," said sophomore Sam Green.

So maybe this -- will say it all.

The students created a huge heart on the football field Tuesday afternoon, in honor of Conley and his wife.

They have a variety of activities set up to raise more funds for the family -- a dodgeball benefit tournament pitting students against teachers on Friday, May 24th and a 5k Fun Run at 8 a.m. in Baird's Bell Park on Saturday, May 25th -- as well as a silent auction.

The group has already raised more than $1,000 with a bake sale last weekend.

For more information, visit the Caring for the Conley's Facebook Page.

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