Sun Leads to Eye Cancer; One Big Country Man Shares His Story as a Warning

This is wooden creation is just one of Britt Cary's masterpieces.

He says, "I might work on this for three or four days."

But he almost lost his ability to create wooden art  like this.

As he explains, it all started about four years ago.

"I had this little spot come up on my eye. I didn't think anything of it," Cary says.

But it  took Cary two years until he finally decided to pay his eye doctor a visit.

"He told me, Britt, you need to have that looked at," Cary continues.

His doctor told him the spot was a possible carcinoma, which is just another word for cancer. That was enough to make him worry.

Soon after that visit, he went through a surgical procedure to remove the spot on his eye.

Cary says, "The biopsy of the test came back that it was cancer and the first thing I'm thinking is who would have ever thought you could get cancer on your eyeball?"

I paid a visit to Dr. Rocky McAdams who explains exactly how this can happen.

"In the back part of the eye, there are pigmented cells and those are prone to that kind of cancer a lot of times people don't know they have it," says Dr. McAdams.

While there is no rhyme or reason for who falls victim to eye cancer Dr. McAdams says you should do the little you can, to prevent it.

He adds, "We don't always know why people get them and some people don't. Typically again, they show up in fair skinned people and i can't really tell you if there is anything you can do to prevent it, other than getting usual checkups."

And Cary's checkup was a visit he says he owes his life to, "You know, your eyes, you only get one set, and if you lose those, they're gone."

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