Supporters Fear Texting And Driving Bill Won't Survive Vote

The bill to ban texting and driving here in Texas is up for a vote Wednesday and there are many doubts that it will ever become law.

House Bill 243 has yet to gain approval from the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee and a family who lost its daughter to texting and driving say that's not a good sign. Jeanne and Johnny Mac Brown's daughter Alex died more than a year ago after she crashed her car while texting.

The couple says its afraid the bill wont make it past today's vote.

The family feels vehicle crashes are the leading killer of teens here in Texas and most of those accidents involve distracted driving. They say they want people to know how important this bill is because they feel lives are at stake.

"Everyday we hear another story about someone who has died in a wreck or someone who killed someone in a wreck because of texting and driving. So my husband and I look out there and we go, our future's dying, because a lot of it's younger kids," said Jeanne Brown.

It's already against the law in Texas for 16 to 18 year olds to text while driving, but its legal for everyone else.

The Brown's encourage you to call your Senators and tell them your thoughts on the issue.

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