Suspicious Fires in Sweetwater Being Investigated

By Sweetwater Reporter

Published 04/23 2014 11:21AM

Updated 04/23 2014 11:24AM

The Sweetwater Fire Department has responded to several suspicious fires recently within a two block radius, according to Sweetwater Fire Chief Grant Madden.

According to one of the homeowners, the fire that started outside their home on Sunnyvale began at about 4 p.m. on Friday, but was quickly extinguished.

Two other lawn fires took place on Lakeview Drive and Stanley.

The homeowners on Stanley stated that the lawn was caught on fire early in the morning around 5 a.m. and then put out, but was re-lit the next day and burned the entire yard.

Another house on Stanley had half of their side yard burned as well. According to neighbors, there was also a small fire in an empty house that is being working on and there are several places in the alley on Stanley that were also burned.

Dumpster fires have also been reported in the area.

The fires are still under investigation.

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