Sweetwater Dog Reportedly Kills 13 Cats, Neighbors Start Petition

Published 07/23 2014 02:38PM

Updated 07/23 2014 03:00PM

Some residents in Sweetwater say a pitbull has been terrorizing the streets.

Since early July, the City of Sweetwater has received numerous complaints about a pitbull let loose on San Carlos Drive. As of last week, neighbors say at least 13 cats were killed by the dog, but there could be more.

Residents say the pitbull is not properly kept in the yard and would roam around neighboring streets during the evening to early morning hours. A petition was created by two women in hopes of removing the dog from the property.

Some fear more cats and even children could be in danger. The city says they have received ten formal complaints last week and has summoned the homeowner to court Wednesday afternoon. The first complaint came in on July 10th.

The petition will be presented to the judge by a group of concerned citizens. The judge will determine whether the dog is considered dangerous and could be euthanized.

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