Sweetwater's Roller Derby Team; A Fast and Furious World

By Kimberly Sears | ksears@ktab.tv

Published 06/08 2014 09:34PM

Updated 06/08 2014 11:22PM

Sweetwater held there second match or bout in Roller Derby. Sweetwater's Roller Derby team, The Dark Horses, are new and started up in November of 2013.

Some of the women in the community were commuting to other places just to play on a roller derby team. So, Amber Wingo, the captain of the team, and a few other women decided to start a team in Sweetwater.

This was the second game they have played against the Randell County Roller Dames from Amarillo.

The first time the Dark Horses played the Roller Dames they only lost by ten points, so today they were looking for some revenge.

Although rolling skating may not seem dangerous, roller derby should not be taken lightly. Wingo has broken her tailbone, clavicle, had a concussion, and this is just a few injuries she's endured.

But everyone does wear protective gear and are taught on the proper ways to fall and block someone.

Although it is a physical sport, Wingo says that everyone is playing for the love of the game and that sportsmanship is very important.

Roller Derby also offers interesting nicknames for players. Wingo's nickname is Barbwire, there is also Above Rubies, Grease Monkey, and Molly Pop.

Wingo says that the nicknames are all part of the fun and she could not be more happy that the community has welcomed this new sport.

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