Taking it Back to the 80s to Raise Awareness for Autism

Rock and roll, big dresses and even bigger hair could only mean one thing.

"I love the eighties," says one person.

Men and women dressed in their finest vintage wardrobe arrived in style, handing over their tickets for a night of non-stop fun.

Shimmiying  their way onto the dance floor in support of the True Blue 80s Prom which benefits Autism Speaks.

Debbie Tidwell, the coordinator of the prom says, "It's an important cause and a lot of  children suffer from it so there needs to be a bigger awareness about autism."

Autism is very dear to Debbie Tidwell's heart and her friends.

"My godson, Nathan, he has Autism and Asperger's as well and he lives with us," says Tonya Reyes.

Nathan is an 11-year-old who has enough energy to dominate the dance floor, all by himself.

Reyes continues, "So I'm now learning from scratch how to go day by day coping with the autism and the Asperger's."

Dancing is one of Nathan's favorite pastimes and he is extremely excited to shake his groove thing with all his new friends.

"The children are just like us and they just want to be treated the same way," Reyes explains.

Even if it is for one night. Dancing out of their shoes, sharing a passion that they all have in common.

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