Tarps and Duct Tape Selling Fast

Published 06/16 2014 06:05PM

Updated 06/16 2014 11:04PM

Tarps and duct tape, just several of the items who's popularity has intensified since last week's severe hail storm.

"We've set up a whole area that I'm standing in right now," said Joe Welsh of The Home Depot.

The Home Depot has sectioned off part of their store specifically for these items.

"Well of course everybody was in a desperate mood that night, to get things taken care of immediately," said Welsh.

Over at Bible Hardware, tarps and duct tape continue to be a hot item. "20...25 an hour," said floor manager, Marty Kirkland.

All of these supplies are available for people trying to find ways to cope with the damage that the hail storm left behind.

"Everything they need to patch up their windows until they can get it repaired properly," said Kirkland.

Welsh said many people were in a panic that day, and now just want answers on how to get their lives back to normal. 

"Even, just tape over big windows, cuz they didn't want the rain coming in," he said.

"We encourage everyone to be prepared for the next storm. get their tornado packets ready..their lights their batteries, their candles," added Welsh.

Because, here in the Big Country, we never know when severe weather will strike again.

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