Taylor County Sheriff's Office Warns Residents of Phone Scam

Published 02/08 2014 03:22PM

Updated 02/08 2014 03:33PM

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office says they've received a number of calls on Saturday regarding a phone scam.

Citizens were concerned because of a phone call they received where the scam artist claims they have ignored a federal subpoena, TSCO says. The scam artist identifies himself as "Lt. John Martin, of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office." According to TCSO, the caller tells the citizen that they haven't responded to a federal subpoena they received and that they will be arrested for it. He further asks for a payment in order to avoid arrest.

So far, ten calls have been made on Saturday. Public information officer Lt. John Cummins says this type of scam has been going on for a few years. He reminds people answering phone calls that a real officer wouldn't call a citizen and demand money in lieu of an arrest. In addition, if a subpoena has supposedly been ignored or overlooked, the citizen would have been served with the subpoena, in-person, by an officer.
The Taylor County Sheriff's Office would like to remind citizens that scam artists are using all forms of social media, e-mail addresses, and even telephone numbers to attempt fraudulent acts, and that citizens should use caution when any communication sent to them sounds suspicious.   Anyone with questions regarding a suspicious incident that might be the work of a scam artist, is encouraged to contact their local law enforcement agency.  If you have questions about such suspicious acts e-mail info@taylorcosheriff.com.

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