Teen Drivers Learn Seat Belt Safety

Published 07/23 2014 06:57PM

Updated 07/24 2014 02:46AM

Seat belts are important, and the students at the A OK driving school in Abilene are finding that out with some videos that may be disturbing to watch.

After watching a video of a crash with a man being ejected out onto the freeway, the students were "shocked" and speechless afterward.

Currently taking drivers education, Daniel Munoz, was among those students who watched the video.

"This is the number one dangerous intersection in Abilene," says his driving instructor, Mike Duncan, as they head underneath the 351 underpass in Abilene.

Daniel and the students are learning the importance of seat belt safety.

"I think it's important because if I ever get in a car accident, it's the one thing that's gonna keep me from flying out the windshield," Munoz said.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there was a total of seven deaths in 2013 and 2014 involving unrestrained occupants.

Although it is unknown how many of those were teens, Daniel does agree that his generation of young drivers think they might be a bit invincible when they get behind the wheel for the first few times in their life.

"I think, they think they're really good drivers," said Daniel. "They're really not that experienced just yet so."

Ending up as a statistic is not something Daniel wants and he says buckling up is easy for him. 

"That's what I've grown up with," he says.

It's become a kind of second nature when he gets behind the wheel or even as a passenger in a car.

Daniel also has advice for those who still have to work on making it their second nature.

"I guess they should just have the willpower to get their arm and put it like that," he says. "I guess it's not really that hard."

Those four to five seconds you set aside to buckle up can possibly save a life.

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