Teens Spend Spring Break Helping Others In Need

More than one hundred teens are trading their comfortable beds and TV time for chores. 

"I like to help people, so why not do something while I'm not doing anything," said sophomore Bailey Ziggler.

They're raking, painting and even building to help people in a city that's not even their own.

"In fact its how more than a hundred teens are spending their spring break. It's so satisfying, like the whole work was worth it," said Ziggler.

Leann Wells isn't complaining.

"I thought it would be fun to paint and get dirty," she said.

Neither is Rosel Cummins.

"I love them I think they're great, they're great workers," said the owner of one of the homes that was fixed.

Her shed had been destroyed, but a few hammers, rakes and wood panels later, she can look at her yard with a bit of relief. 

"I wish I had them up here everyday," said Cummins.

Yet, she's not the only one who's appreciative of the hard work.

Even teens like Jose Delgado are learning a thing or two.

"We could really just change peoples lives and the community just by coming out and doing little things like this you know we don't need to go big or anything, start small and just keep going," said Delgado.

The Cross Timbers Community Church youth group has taken over the city of Anson to give it a bit of a makeover.

"We've got 12 groups running around the city at one time and every single group has done amaing with their projects," said Brian Brewer, the group's leader, "We're really proud of them a lot of people in the town are proud of them, it's a cool thing to see."

Of course there's time for some fun in between, but in the end it was more work than play which is exactly how they want it.

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