Tenaska Plant to be Built in Sweetwater Gets Canned

According to environmentalist group, the Sierra Club, Tenaska, Inc. has canceled plans to build a coal power plant in Sweetwater. The energy company blames a poor market for pulling the plug on the new facility, as more states are turning towards more clean, affordable energy sources.

Drought conditions and opposition groups have been threatening the establishment of the plant since its initial proposal.

"The Tenaska Trailblazer project never made sense for West Texas," said Whitney Root, the leader of local opposition group Texans Against Tenaska. "Not only would it have taken precious water from our families, farmers and local businesses, but it would have sucked up our tax dollars and left us with nothing but pollution.  There is no such thing as clean coal and I am thrilled to know that our local efforts have paid off in dispelling this myth.  Many thanks to everyone who dedicated their time and efforts to this fight; I am forever grateful."

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