Texas Family Mourning After Snake Bite Kills Child in 2010

Editor's Note: This article was published on BigCountryHomepage.com on August 13, 2010. 

A Pflugerville family is planning a funeral for their toddler who died Wednesday after a rattlesnake bit her.

Kammy Hood and her two children were on a playground near Possum Kingdom Lake west of Fort Worth Tuesday night when 1-year-old Peyton began to cry.

Over the phone, Hood told KEYE TV?s Erika Gonzalez that she ran to the child who was on the steps of a slide.

Hood says almost instantly her baby girl went limp, turned blue and started to vomit. One of Peyton?s ankles was bleeding.

Moments later, she saw a small rattlesnake. It had already bit the child twice.

The snake was killed and the child was air lifted to Cooks Children's Hospital in Fort Worth. She received anti-venom but died early Wednesday morning.

Funeral services for the child will be held in Wichita Falls this Saturday.


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