The Calm After the Lightning Storm

"God knows what's best," says Dorris Zachary, a long-time member at Trinty Church in North Abilene.

Dorris Zachary has been a member for 45 years.

Last night, lightning struck the fellowship hall, severely damaging the building, but Dorris only sees the good.

"Lord protected us by keeping us away just in time for church last night," she explains.

The stormy conditions did create the fire but they also kept people home and away from danger.

"Nobody was here, harmed or anything," says Dorris.

And fortunately, firefighters were able to contain the fire. What was damaged was purely material goods and Dorris says it could have been a lot worse.

"There would have been some teenagers in here having service for Wednesday night service," she explains.

But even though the building took the hit alone, but now the members will be forced to deal with the consequences.

"We'll have to be meeting in the church, for a while until we get something straighten out or changed. Not sure what we will do," says Dorris.

The after-shock of the damage is already interrupting previous plans to improve the facilities.

"Had a garage sale here a few weeks ago trying to raise some money, donations, sales, enough to do some work on the church, now this is probably going to take that," says Zachary.

Frustrations will surely arise throughout the re-building process, but Dorris says she's thankful the gift of life remains.

"Very special the way God's helped us there," she says.

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