The Doctor is In: First Medical Clinic in Cisco Preparing to Open

The counters are being cut, the paint is on the walls and the floors are being laid.

While it doesn't look like much now, it's the site for Cisco's newest -- and only -- medical clinic.

"There's a chiropractor in town and that's the closest thing to a medical practice in town right now," said Dr. Larry Maples.

Twenty years ago, the building housed a clinic operated by Hendrick Medical Center.

In the years since then, it's been an insurance agency, then sat abandoned and unused.

Twenty years later, it's coming full circle to fulfill a need within this small town.

"I've always intended to come over here and then Hendrick offered the opportunity to join their provider network," Dr. Maples said.

Dr. Larry Maples was 38-years-old when he decided to pursue his lifelong dream of being a doctor and headed to medical school in his 40s.

In the past twenty years, he's worked as a physician in places all over Texas.

And most recently, at Eastland Memorial Hospital.

"About sixty to seventy percent of my patients there are from Cisco," he explained. "There are about eight or nine providers in Eastland and so I felt Cisco was underserved."

So in a month and a half, he will be heading a family practice in Cisco, where he hopes to bring his expertise and experience to the community -- and save people that drive.

"The shorter you have to drive to see a physician, the more often you will see a physician.," said Brett Emmett, the Director of Regional Services at Hendrick Health System.

The Hendrick Medical Clinic plans to be open by April 15th.

It is located at 1615 Highway 206 in Cisco

Dr. Maples will be providing family medicine care from pediatrics to geriatrics.

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