The End of Hailey's Billboard

Her cheery, young face is painted on billboards in Abilene, constantly reminding us she is somewhere out there.

"I pass it everyday. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think of it," says Cory Marrs, co-owner of Belle's.

We may not know how or why, but after nearly 2.5 years, we do know she's no longer missing.

"The remains have been positively identified as those of Hailey Dunn."

"That's all hope gone that there might be a different outcome," says Marrs.

"Hailey's gone. I just can't believe this," says Richard Arrendondo.

For some the billboard has become a part of their everyday life and now stands as a symbol of the power of community unity.

"It's an indication of the community and everybody trying to come together to help a family that's hurting and have lost something," says Marrs.

To one man, the billboard was a beacon of hope.

"It meant she was coming home. I can't believe she's gone," says Arrendondo.

The possibility of her return is gone and soon this billboard will be too.

"I'm sure there's some closure there but I'm sure it's just overly disheartening in knowing there's no chance for her to be back," says Marrs.

Even though the billboard will disappear, the love for Hailey will carry on.

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